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Car Hire, Van Rental & Minibus Leasing in Chelmsford, Essex

Van Hire in Essex may be a strange subject for the first blog on the Glossop Skip Hire website. It is partly a favour to our friends at Allied Van Hire, Chelmsford, who have recently added a new article to the partner pages of our website. It is also because there is a lot of truth to what they say about car hire being a sensible economic decision for many people.

There are good reasons why Glossop Skip Hire customers choose to hire skips rather than have one of their own. And yet car hire is also often seen as a one off. Car hire for when our own car is in the garage. Minibus hire for when we are part of a big group going somewhere together. Van hire for deliveries or work projects. All these are good reason to go to Allied Van Hire, especially for those who live in Essex.

But consider this. For many people the car is unused for most of the week. It sits on the drive or on the street for five days out of seven. There are drivers who only use the car for going to the supermarket, or once a week to visit friends or relations. And yet a car costs money even when we’re not using it. A car needs to be taxed, insured, serviced, put through an annual MOT. It needs repairing, new tyres, oil changes, filter changes. And it depreciates in value every single day.

Car hire from Allied Van Hire, Chelmsford, is simple and affordable. Allied Van Hire can deliver the car to your door and collect it when you’re done. You can have a small, fuel efficient run-around for town driving or you can rent something bigger and more comfortable for longer journeys. You can even hire a minibus or a van should the mood take you. Or a 7.5 ton truck with tail-lift for the larger load. Or there’s short term leasing for longer car hire periods.

Hiring a car would save many people a whole load of money – and they’d still have a car when they needed it. Perhaps not for nipping to the supermarket, but then again, these days supermarkets deliver.