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De-cluttering your Home for Christmas

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lightIf you are having a seasonal family gathering or entertaining friends this Christmas, you will probably be thinking about things like food and drink shopping, gift buying, decorations, Christmas cards and invites. It’s an exciting [and stressful] time, and apart from all the specific Christmassy arrangements, you will probably be thinking about cleaning and preparing your home for guests. Is there enough space? Will anybody need to stay overnight?

You may find that there is a need for extra space, meaning getting rid of accumulated clutter and stored things which are superfluous to requirements. This may be simply to provide a tidy area or to provide an extra place for somebody to sleep. But what about all of the ‘stuff’ that has to be moved? Sort out what you don’t want and either sell it, donate it to a charity or a second hand shop, or give it away. You can sell or give things away via a number of online websites these days, easily found through an internet search.

There may be quite a lot of unwanted items of various sizes and descriptions, which cannot be easily disposed of. Perhaps they are too large or cumbersome or the sheer amount of excess rubbish cannot be placed in your rubbish bin. We tend to store things naturally over time, and many people are amazed at the amount of bin bags they can fill when just sorting out a small cupboard. A great solution to this is to hire a skip, which will happily accommodate any amount of household clutter. Skips for hire are available in a range of sizes such as :-

Mini Hire Skip – Small and conveniently sized to be suitable for low volume waste projects.

Midi Hire Skip – Slightly larger dimensions than the mini.

Builders Hire Skip – Extremely popular and ideal for domestic and business

If there is any kind of home improvement work to be carried out inside or outside the house in the weeks leading up to Christmas, you may need additional equipment such as outdoor lighting for the dark nights, or heaters for comfort while working in cold weather. Rhinos have a range of Winter Hire tools and equipment to suit the needs of customers in Essex, Kent and London.

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