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Tips to Stay Safe When Using Tools


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There are over 200,000 accident and emergency room visits each year in the UK, many due to DIY accidents of which a high percentage could have been avoided. The large amount of incidents is probably because more and more people are attempting to carry out jobs around the home in an effort to save money. A major cause of injury is the misuse of hand or power tools, and another is using inferior quality or damaged tools. Safety is extremely important here, so here are some tips to consider before embarking on your project:-

  • Only buy good quality tools made of heat treated steel, and inspect and maintain them regularly.
  • Always follow the manufacturers guidelines on use of the tool and safety when using.
  • Use the correct tool for each job.
  • Wear appropriate clothes and don’t have any loose fitting garments, hanging jewellery or long hair.
  • Ensure you are standing on a firm surface when working and not balancing or reaching.
  • Do not carry tools up a ladder by hand, use a bucket, bag or hoist.
  • When working at height, make sure that tools, chemicals etc cannot fall and hurt people below.
  • Stay aware of anybody nearby when using tools, and check that they are at a safe distance.
  • Carry pointed or sharp tools in a toolbox or cart as opposed to in your pocket.
  • Secure items you are working on with a vice or clamp in case of slippage.
  • Store tools in a safe place.

Many of these tips may seem like common sense but it’s surprising how frequently accidents have occurred due to these guidelines not being followed. Quality tools can be expensive to buy, but to considerably cut down the chance of mishaps arising during DIY projects in places like Wembly, consider hiring your tools. Rhino Plant Hire offer a wide range of high quality tools for just about every job you can think of, at reasonable rates. Call them on 01277 372 626.

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