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Great Changes in Store for Basildon

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The town of Basildon in Essex has roots that go back to the stone age, and evidence of settlements in the Bronze age and the Iron age have also been found. Named ‘Beorhtels Hill’ by the Saxons, Basildon has come a long way since those early times, and is recently the recipient of significant regeneration work and improvements.

Along with high performance heavy and small plant equipment, you will find interesting snippets of information on the Rhino Plant Hire website. There are several projects ongoing at the moment in Basildon and throughout Essex and London generally. The square in Basildon town centre is set to benefit from multi million pound investments which feature a brand new ten screen cinema. The Empire Cinema will nestle amongst restaurants and other leisure facilities in East Square, all combining to provide an array of entertainment for visitors and locals.

To ensure the desired outcome, the council and Empire have been consulting closely with architects Pollard Thomas Edwards. The scheme will aim to compliment the existing town layout, and deliver refurbishments to exacting standards. It is hoped that the result will bring state of the art designs, while retaining the unique spirit and character of Basildon.

All aspects of the regeneration have received careful consideration, which will not only achieve visually impressive surroundings, but a welcoming, user friendly solution. This covers not only buildings, but the wider area including paths, access ways and roads. Other factors also come into play such as increased safety and security for all concerned whether they live in the area, are working or visiting. In addition, this Essex location will gain a package of extremely attractive landscaping giving the perfect finishing touch.

For your own projects in Basildon, a great option is to hire your plant machinery, tools and equipment from specialists like Rhino. They offer high quality products at pocket friendly prices, whatever the job!

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Tips to Stay Safe When Using Tools


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There are over 200,000 accident and emergency room visits each year in the UK, many due to DIY accidents of which a high percentage could have been avoided. The large amount of incidents is probably because more and more people are attempting to carry out jobs around the home in an effort to save money. A major cause of injury is the misuse of hand or power tools, and another is using inferior quality or damaged tools. Safety is extremely important here, so here are some tips to consider before embarking on your project:-

  • Only buy good quality tools made of heat treated steel, and inspect and maintain them regularly.
  • Always follow the manufacturers guidelines on use of the tool and safety when using.
  • Use the correct tool for each job.
  • Wear appropriate clothes and don’t have any loose fitting garments, hanging jewellery or long hair.
  • Ensure you are standing on a firm surface when working and not balancing or reaching.
  • Do not carry tools up a ladder by hand, use a bucket, bag or hoist.
  • When working at height, make sure that tools, chemicals etc cannot fall and hurt people below.
  • Stay aware of anybody nearby when using tools, and check that they are at a safe distance.
  • Carry pointed or sharp tools in a toolbox or cart as opposed to in your pocket.
  • Secure items you are working on with a vice or clamp in case of slippage.
  • Store tools in a safe place.

Many of these tips may seem like common sense but it’s surprising how frequently accidents have occurred due to these guidelines not being followed. Quality tools can be expensive to buy, but to considerably cut down the chance of mishaps arising during DIY projects in places like Wembly, consider hiring your tools. Rhino Plant Hire offer a wide range of high quality tools for just about every job you can think of, at reasonable rates. Call them on 01277 372 626.

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Construction Projects Across the UK



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At Glossop Skip Hire, we deal with a lot of builders and construction companies, and like to keep in the know about developments etc withi n the industry. On that note we can report that industry forecasts indicate a rise of 7.4% for new build infrastructure in the UK in the period 2017 to 2019. This optimistic prediction is the result of several key factors, a major one being the proposed extensive amount of waterway projects planned throughout the UK.

This makes a lot of sense as we are a country surrounded by and often adjacent to water, so using this to our advantage seems logical. We will see steady growth in this area, with schemes like the Aberdeen Harbour Expansion, a £350 million project which will be completed by 2020. One reason for this expansion is to include a facility for oil industry decommissioning work. Also in the pipeline, are a £135 million redevelopment of Dover port, along with the placement of a new link-span bridge at the Port of Heysham in Lancashire costing £10 million.

There are substantial nationwide projects being embarked upon that concern water treatment upgrades. This will mean that on completion in 2020, £44 billion will have been spent on improvements by water companies in places like London, Birmingham and Wessex.

UK residents can also expect a rise in much needed highways maintenance projects using a budget of £1.3 billion, and a boost of infrastructure repair and maintenance is also in the mix. A delay in the building of nuclear power stations will mean structural maintenance on a large scale for existing power plants.

All of this activity means good news for the construction industry and those involved, including companies offering wide ranging, high quality building services. Looks like we are in for a busy few years!


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4 Indoor Winter Projects

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While the weather is a little cold and wet for gardening, there are still plenty of jobs to get on with indoors if you are stuck for a way to pass the long winter evenings. Improved warmth, an additional living space or brighter, more cheerful surroundings are all possible with these 4 practical projects.

1. Renovate a Spare Room

Like a large percentage of the population, it’s likely that you have a spare room, and even more likely that you are using it as storage space. This room could become a guest room, gaming room or home gym once cleared out. Any items you wish to keep can be moved to the loft or garden shed. Create space for these in the shed by adding vertical storage in the form of shelves or racking. Why not hire a skip and de-clutter other parts of the home too, so by the time summer arrives you will have more free time to relax in the garden.

2. Bathroom Transformation

Escape the dark and chilly winter days by redecorating your bathroom with warm bright colours turning it into a perfect sanctuary. A more inviting bathroom will make bath time pleasurable at any time of year but especially on cold, grey days. A new bathroom suite can add luxury and elegance with touches like chic and innovative heated towel rails.

3. Effective Lighting

Lighting can be used cleverly throughout the home to create an ambient setting, giving a warming effect. Dimmable lights provide just the right amount of illumination preferred, and you can design your lighting to change the mood of each room.

4. Insulate your Home

Proper insulation will ensure that you and your family are warmer over the winter period and that your fuel bills are lower. Drafts can come in through doors, windows, lofts and chimneys, and a good way to check this is to light an incense stick and hold it up to any suspect areas. Observe how the smoke moves to discover if there are any drafts.

For many home improvement tasks during the colder months, Rhino Plant Hire have a range of Winter Hire tools and machinery, perfect for heating and drying, powering and lighting, and pumping water. They also offer second hand plant for sale, so give them a call on 01277 372 626.

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De-cluttering your Home for Christmas

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lightIf you are having a seasonal family gathering or entertaining friends this Christmas, you will probably be thinking about things like food and drink shopping, gift buying, decorations, Christmas cards and invites. It’s an exciting [and stressful] time, and apart from all the specific Christmassy arrangements, you will probably be thinking about cleaning and preparing your home for guests. Is there enough space? Will anybody need to stay overnight?

You may find that there is a need for extra space, meaning getting rid of accumulated clutter and stored things which are superfluous to requirements. This may be simply to provide a tidy area or to provide an extra place for somebody to sleep. But what about all of the ‘stuff’ that has to be moved? Sort out what you don’t want and either sell it, donate it to a charity or a second hand shop, or give it away. You can sell or give things away via a number of online websites these days, easily found through an internet search.

There may be quite a lot of unwanted items of various sizes and descriptions, which cannot be easily disposed of. Perhaps they are too large or cumbersome or the sheer amount of excess rubbish cannot be placed in your rubbish bin. We tend to store things naturally over time, and many people are amazed at the amount of bin bags they can fill when just sorting out a small cupboard. A great solution to this is to hire a skip, which will happily accommodate any amount of household clutter. Skips for hire are available in a range of sizes such as :-

Mini Hire Skip – Small and conveniently sized to be suitable for low volume waste projects.

Midi Hire Skip – Slightly larger dimensions than the mini.

Builders Hire Skip – Extremely popular and ideal for domestic and business

If there is any kind of home improvement work to be carried out inside or outside the house in the weeks leading up to Christmas, you may need additional equipment such as outdoor lighting for the dark nights, or heaters for comfort while working in cold weather. Rhinos have a range of Winter Hire tools and equipment to suit the needs of customers in Essex, Kent and London.

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The DO’s & DON’T’s of Buying a Garden Shed

For most people it is not an everyday question but once in a while it is one we all find ourselves asking: What do we have to look out for when buying a new garden shed?

In all walks of life there is cheap and there is expensive. Expensive doesn’t guarantee quality and cheap is not the same as value for money. When it comes to finding a new shed, here are a few do’s and don’t’s:

DON’T buy cheap. Cheap sheds do not last. They rot and rust, offer little security, and soon need to be replaced.

DO look for value for money.  SM Garden Sheds have long and lasting relationships with the biggest and best names in the manufacture of garden storage products. This means they can get the best deals and provide excellent value for money for their customers.

Different homes need different sheds. Only you know how much safe and secure garden storage you will need.

DON’T buy a shed that is too small for your needs. A cluttered shed makes things difficult to find. A shed that is too big can dominate the garden, putting the focus in the wrong place.

DO buy a shed that is the right size for your garden. SM Garden Sheds sell sheds, garages, greenhouses and storage containers of every size and style.

SM Garden Sheds supply garden storage units that are available in a great choice of colours and designs, including 2-tone Lifetime plastic sheds and Lotus metal sheds who have added Heritage Grey and Slate Grey to the 2015 lines.

DON’T believe the glossy brochure images. Many sheds look better on the pages of a magazine than they do in your garden.

DO buy from a reputable retailer. SM Garden Sheds have been supplying top quality garden storage units throughout the UK for over 30 years and they deliver free to most areas of the UK mainland.

Sometimes it helps to break away from tradition.

DON’T think that all sheds are made of wood. Technological breakthroughs in the manufacture of metal sheds and heavy duty plastic sheds bring benefits in longevity, security, style and design.

DO visit to see the latest lines in garden storage products.

The DO’s & DON’T’s of Buying a Garden Shed

Prolong the life of your Car with a FREE 6 Point Vehicle Health Check

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Regular servicing of your vehicle is essential for a number of reasons including keeping you safe, extending the life of your car, preventing accidents, protecting others, saving money, staying within the law and making sure you stay mobile. Regardless of whether your car is new, second hand, a small run around or a high powered model, it will regularly require a series of thorough checks by a trained mechanic to keep it up to speed. This isn’t surprising when you consider that when being driven, your vehicle is utilising thousands of parts and generating heat and friction. This inevitably leads to wear and tear which can cause other problems, affecting vehicle functioning. By getting your car serviced you can guard against the cost and inconvenience associated with breakdown, such as calling out a breakdown service and organising alternative transport.

Safety is a major aspect in motoring, and a crucial consideration when deciding to get your car serviced. An experienced engineer will check things like battery, brakes, tyres, clutch, exhaust and any other component which could cause problems. They will usually have extensive knowledge of the first signs to look out for in order to avoid trouble. Once they have ascertained whether there are the beginnings of any issues, a good mechanic will discuss and advise on your best course of action.

You are legally required to maintain your vehicle to a roadworthy standard, and all vehicles have to undergo an MOT test once they reach 3 years old. Our web promotion partners, Allied Service Centre, Chelmsford, Essex, can arrange your MOT and are happy to perform any repairs needed. They offer a whole range of vehicle services, and have extensive expertise in every aspect of car maintenance and repair. The specialists at Allied Service Centre are highly trained with most vehicle makes and models, particularly Fords.

Customers can also book a FREE 6 Point Vehicle Health Check, performed by the same mechanics who keep the excellent Allied Self Drive Hire fleet on the road. Thoroughly checking things like battery, tyres, oil level, wiper blades, bulbs, and screen wash, Allied’s team of experts will inform and advise you, but you are under no obligation to have them carry out any remedial work. Allied Self Drive Hire can even provide information on hiring one of their superior vehicles should you need temporary transport.

Call Allied Chelmsford to arrange your FREE 6 Point Vehicle Health Check on 01245 496155

Battery & Exhaust Replacement, Emissions Tests, Brakes Repairs. New & Reconditioned Clutches for Cars, Vans, 4×4, Minibuses, MPV & Trucks. Vehicle Servicing & Hire, Essex.

Free Vehicle Health Checks at Allied Service Centre, Chelmsford

As regular readers of this blog will know, Allied Service Centre is part of the Allied Self Drive Hire site in Chelmsford, Essex. Allied Hire, Chelmsford, have an extensive fleet of cars, vans, minibuses and trucks that are kept in excellent condition by their skilled team of mechanics and vehicle technicians.

chelmsford van hire 2Allied use this experience to offer the full range of garage services to their customers in Essex. Allied mechanics regularly carry our vehicle repairs to clutches & brakes, tyres & exhausts, and service most makes and models of cars, vans, trucks and minibuses.

The Allied Service Centre team know that many of the problems they encounter could have been prevented by regular vehicle health checks. To this end Allied Service Centre, Chelmsford, now offer a free 6 point vehicle health check at their garage on Brockley Road, off Navigation Road, Chelmsford, Essex.

The free health check includes:

  • Checking the battery condition – many roadside recovery calls are made to vehicles with flat or faulty batteries.
  • Checking oil and fluid levels – inadequate oil levels can cause expensive and often irreparable damage to the engine.
  • Checking tyres for pressure, tread and uneven wear – uneven wear can be a sign of misalignment of the wheels or faulty tracking. Low tyre pressure can cause poor car handling and increased fuel consumption.
  • Checking all lights, including headlights, tail lights, reverse lights, brake lights and fog lights – having working lights is a legal requirement on all vehicles.
  • Checking windscreen washers – for car safety.
  • Checking wiper blades – for safety and to prevent damage to the windscreen.

For more information on vehicle servicing, health checks or vehicle rentals in Essex, visit


Economic Benefits of Car Hire, Van Leasing & Vehicle Rentals

Allied Self Drive Hire have an excellent reputation throughout Essex for providing an extensive range of cars, vans, minibuses and trucks at exceptional prices and with the very best in customer support.

With car hire premises in Brentwood and Chelmsford, Allied Self Drive Hire is well placed for customers throughout Essex and regularly used by travellers heading to continental Europe via the ferry ports of Felixstowe and Dover and the Channel Tunnel from Folkestone.

Allied Self Drive Hire have always gone the extra mile, offering a collection and delivery service to the customer’s door. New Garage Services at the Chelmsford branch are now available to customers for vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Allied Hire Vehicles are available for rent by the day, week, month or longer and for the very best deals, Allied offer short and long term lease hire for all their vehicles. Car hire and van rental is often the most economical means for a local business to stay on the road. The expenses of running your own vehicle can often prove prohibitive to many businesses. A company car or van incurs the initial purchase price or ongoing hire purchase costs, road tax, insurance, servicing and maintenance. All these costs must be paid even when the vehicle is not being used.

The advantage of car hire and van rental is that the company only pays for the vehicle when it is being used. Car hire, van rental and vehicle leasing is perfect for companies whose work is seasonal and those who have peak delivery times. Insurance and road tax are included so the only price is petrol and – with Allied Self Drive Hire – a very affordable rental fee.

For more information contact Allied Self Drive Hire on 01245 496155 or email

Car Hire, Servicing, Maintenance & Repairs in Chelmsford, Essex

The Glossop Skip Hire website is fast becoming a fanzone for Allied Hire, Chelmsford. In a second article on the partner pages of our website, Allied Hire Chelmsford have announced they are opening their garages for servicing and repairs of cars, vans, minibuses and trucks for the good people of Essex.

Allied Hire, Chelmsford, are one of the leading car hire companies in Essex, Along with sister sites in Brentwood and Lakeside, Thurrock, Allied Hire Chelmsford offer an extensive fleet of rental vehicles. From economical hatchbacks to prestigious saloons, Allied Hire, Chelmsford, have the car for every occasion. They are one of the few car hire companies to provide minibus rentals and have developed a specialism in European vehicle hire for drivers heading to the continent. To complete the range, Allied Hire, Chelmsford, have a great choice of vans and trucks available for short term rentals or longer term leasing.

With all the skills necessary to keep this fleet in prime condition it is perhaps not surprising that Allied Hire, Chelmsford, have decided to go the extra mile and offer the full range of garage services to their customers.

From repairs and replacements to annual and seasonal servicing, Allied garages know their way around cars, trucks, vans and minibuses. Repairs and services include:

  • Brakes – Pads, Shoes & Brake Lining
  • Clutches – Repair & Replacement
  • Tyres – Tracking & Balancing
  • Exhausts – Full & Partial Replacement
  • Full Servicing

For more information on vehicle servicing and repairs – or on car hire and leasing – visit Allied Hire, Chelmsford, at