Free Vehicle Health Checks at Allied Service Centre, Chelmsford

As regular readers of this blog will know, Allied Service Centre is part of the Allied Self Drive Hire site in Chelmsford, Essex. Allied Hire, Chelmsford, have an extensive fleet of cars, vans, minibuses and trucks that are kept in excellent condition by their skilled team of mechanics and vehicle technicians.

chelmsford van hire 2Allied use this experience to offer the full range of garage services to their customers in Essex. Allied mechanics regularly carry our vehicle repairs to clutches & brakes, tyres & exhausts, and service most makes and models of cars, vans, trucks and minibuses.

The Allied Service Centre team know that many of the problems they encounter could have been prevented by regular vehicle health checks. To this end Allied Service Centre, Chelmsford, now offer a free 6 point vehicle health check at their garage on Brockley Road, off Navigation Road, Chelmsford, Essex.

The free health check includes:

  • Checking the battery condition – many roadside recovery calls are made to vehicles with flat or faulty batteries.
  • Checking oil and fluid levels – inadequate oil levels can cause expensive and often irreparable damage to the engine.
  • Checking tyres for pressure, tread and uneven wear – uneven wear can be a sign of misalignment of the wheels or faulty tracking. Low tyre pressure can cause poor car handling and increased fuel consumption.
  • Checking all lights, including headlights, tail lights, reverse lights, brake lights and fog lights – having working lights is a legal requirement on all vehicles.
  • Checking windscreen washers – for car safety.
  • Checking wiper blades – for safety and to prevent damage to the windscreen.

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