Prolong the life of your Car with a FREE 6 Point Vehicle Health Check

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Regular servicing of your vehicle is essential for a number of reasons including keeping you safe, extending the life of your car, preventing accidents, protecting others, saving money, staying within the law and making sure you stay mobile. Regardless of whether your car is new, second hand, a small run around or a high powered model, it will regularly require a series of thorough checks by a trained mechanic to keep it up to speed. This isn’t surprising when you consider that when being driven, your vehicle is utilising thousands of parts and generating heat and friction. This inevitably leads to wear and tear which can cause other problems, affecting vehicle functioning. By getting your car serviced you can guard against the cost and inconvenience associated with breakdown, such as calling out a breakdown service and organising alternative transport.

Safety is a major aspect in motoring, and a crucial consideration when deciding to get your car serviced. An experienced engineer will check things like battery, brakes, tyres, clutch, exhaust and any other component which could cause problems. They will usually have extensive knowledge of the first signs to look out for in order to avoid trouble. Once they have ascertained whether there are the beginnings of any issues, a good mechanic will discuss and advise on your best course of action.

You are legally required to maintain your vehicle to a roadworthy standard, and all vehicles have to undergo an MOT test once they reach 3 years old. Our web promotion partners, Allied Service Centre, Chelmsford, Essex, can arrange your MOT and are happy to perform any repairs needed. They offer a whole range of vehicle services, and have extensive expertise in every aspect of car maintenance and repair. The specialists at Allied Service Centre are highly trained with most vehicle makes and models, particularly Fords.

Customers can also book a FREE 6 Point Vehicle Health Check, performed by the same mechanics who keep the excellent Allied Self Drive Hire fleet on the road. Thoroughly checking things like battery, tyres, oil level, wiper blades, bulbs, and screen wash, Allied’s team of experts will inform and advise you, but you are under no obligation to have them carry out any remedial work. Allied Self Drive Hire can even provide information on hiring one of their superior vehicles should you need temporary transport.

Call Allied Chelmsford to arrange your FREE 6 Point Vehicle Health Check on 01245 496155

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