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The DO’s & DON’T’s of Buying a Garden Shed

For most people it is not an everyday question but once in a while it is one we all find ourselves asking: What do we have to look out for when buying a new garden shed?

In all walks of life there is cheap and there is expensive. Expensive doesn’t guarantee quality and cheap is not the same as value for money. When it comes to finding a new shed, here are a few do’s and don’t’s:

DON’T buy cheap. Cheap sheds do not last. They rot and rust, offer little security, and soon need to be replaced.

DO look for value for money.  SM Garden Sheds have long and lasting relationships with the biggest and best names in the manufacture of garden storage products. This means they can get the best deals and provide excellent value for money for their customers.

Different homes need different sheds. Only you know how much safe and secure garden storage you will need.

DON’T buy a shed that is too small for your needs. A cluttered shed makes things difficult to find. A shed that is too big can dominate the garden, putting the focus in the wrong place.

DO buy a shed that is the right size for your garden. SM Garden Sheds sell sheds, garages, greenhouses and storage containers of every size and style.

SM Garden Sheds supply garden storage units that are available in a great choice of colours and designs, including 2-tone Lifetime plastic sheds and Lotus metal sheds who have added Heritage Grey and Slate Grey to the 2015 lines.

DON’T believe the glossy brochure images. Many sheds look better on the pages of a magazine than they do in your garden.

DO buy from a reputable retailer. SM Garden Sheds have been supplying top quality garden storage units throughout the UK for over 30 years and they deliver free to most areas of the UK mainland.

Sometimes it helps to break away from tradition.

DON’T think that all sheds are made of wood. Technological breakthroughs in the manufacture of metal sheds and heavy duty plastic sheds bring benefits in longevity, security, style and design.

DO visit www.smgardensheds.com to see the latest lines in garden storage products.

The DO’s & DON’T’s of Buying a Garden Shed